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Volusia County Inmate

To look at jail inmate records in TDCJ Inmate Search, use TDCJ online inmate search.

Inmate details include booking number, date of birth, jail, release date, offense, offense type, date arrested, arrest location, booking type, crime case number, bail amount, bail source, court case number, hearing date, and hearing location.

If you want to schedule a visit or send mail/money to an inmate, call a jail facility to help you.

TDCJ Inmate Search By Name

Inmate Data Search is the official portal for TDCJ inmate search by name or TDCJ inmate search by TDCJ number.

Search Hints:

To conduct a TDCJ inmate search, follow these steps:

  • First access the official portal of
  • Now, Click on the Inmate Search tab.
  • This will take you to the inmate search page, where you will search for free TDCJ inmate search.
TDCJ Inmate Search
  • Enter the Inmate Number or search Inmate by entering their first and last name in the appropriate fields.
  • At the end, Hit the “Search” option.
  • Then the TDCJ Jail Inmate List will appear on your screen.

How to contact the Victim Services Division

(512) 406-5900
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time)
E-mail[email protected]

Requests by E-mail

The following information is available (in your e-mail be specific about what you are requesting):

  • TDCJ number
  • Inmate location
  • Offense of Conviction
  • Incarceration history: offense, county, and court of conviction of crimes for which the inmate was incarcerated previously
  • Current incarceration: offense, county, and court of conviction
  • Projected Release Date

Send the inmate’s complete name and 7-digit TDCJ number to [email protected] via email. If you don’t have the TDCJ number, include the precise date of birth (or an approximate age and county of conviction if the date of birth is unknown).

Ensure the inmate’s name is in the subject line of the email. This service is free of charge. Please note that inmates’ photographs and Social Security numbers will not be disclosed to the public.

Where do I send my mail?

Type of DocumentWhere to Send
Personal mail from family, friends, and businessesDigital Mail Processing Center
Greeting cardsDigital Mail Processing Center
PhotosDigital Mail Processing Center
Documents that require inmate signatureUnit Law Library 
Surveys to be completed by inmatesContact Research & Development Department
Legal mailUnit
Special mailUnit
Media correspondenceUnit
Business correspondence from organizations, businesses, and agenciesUnit

Requests by Telephone

The following offices operate from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To inquire about an inmate’s status or location, contact the respective numbers:

  1. Inmate parole review status line (before the BPP vote for release): Call the Board of Pardons and Paroles status line at (844) 512-0461.
  2. Inmate parole release status line (after the BPP vote for release): Contact the Parole Division status line in Austin at (512) 406-5202. Please have the TDCJ or SID# or the inmate’s date of birth available.
  3. Inmate Locator/General Information Line: Reach out to Huntsville at (936) 295-6371 or (800) 535-0283.

TDCJ Sex Offender Search By Name

This website grants public access to specific details concerning convicted sex offenders in Texas who have been reported as missing from their registered residences. By using this website, you agree to the following terms:

While the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) endeavors to provide timely and accurate information on this site, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The TDCJ cannot ensure that the accessed information pertains to the individual being searched for. The only definitive method to match an individual to a particular sex offender record is through fingerprint verification.

The TDCJ denies responsibility for any errors or omissions in the site’s content or for the utilization of information by a third party.

If you believe the information on this website is inaccurate, please email: [email protected]

TDCJ Inmate Life

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) manages more than 50 prisons across Texas. In TDCJ facilities, all inmates wear a uniform composed of a white cotton t-shirt and white elastic-waist trousers.

Shoes are supplied by the state or can be purchased at the commissary. Male prisoners are obligated to maintain a clean-shaven appearance unless they have received authorization to grow an ½ inch beard for religious purposes.

How do I send money to an inmate?

You have six (6) options:

  1. Money order or cashier’s check
  2. Monthly checking account debit (ACH)
  3. ACE – America’s Cash Express
  4. eCommDirect Store
  5. JPay
  6. TouchPay Payment Systems

eCommDirect – Inmate Commissary Purchases

The TDCJ Commissary and Trust Fund Department utilizes an online program where approved friends and family may make purchases for eligible inmates up to the maximum quarterly spend. Inmate spending is based on the following months:

  • January – March up to $70.00;
  • April – June up to $70.00;
  • July – September up to $70.00; and
  • October – December up to $95.00 (Holiday Spend)

E-Messaging Service:

E-messaging enables friends and families to send electronic messages to inmates. To find out more about this service and to create an account, click on the following link: E-Messaging.

Correctional facilities that offer remote video visitation through Securus are:

  • Clements Unit
  • Connally Unit
  • Crain Unit
  • Garza West Unit
  • Hutchins State Jail
  • Jester III Unit
  • McConnell Unit
  • Michael Unit
  • Montford Unit
  • Sanchez Unit
  • Stiles Unit
  • Travis State Jail
  • Wynne Unit


If you have complaints about the vendor service regarding the Inmate Telephone System, E-Messaging Service, Inmate Tablets, or Securus Video Visitation, please send them in writing to:

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Information Technology Division
Inmate Technology Services Contract Manager
PO Box 4016
Huntsville, TX 77342-4016
E-mail: [email protected]

TDCJ Inmate Search Details

Department NameTexas Department of Criminal Justice
Official WebsiteClick Here
Visitor ApplicationClick Here
Video VisitationClick Here
Send Mail/PackagesClick Here
Send MoneyClick Here
Phone CallsClick Here
Phone NumberTexas 77342-0099 | (936) 295-6371

Frequently Asked Questions: TDCJ

How many visits can a TDCJ inmate have a month?

Each inmate will be allowed two contact visits per month. Each inmate is allowed two visits total per month contact or non-contact and those visits MAY be on back-to-back days. Each non-contact visit is one hour in length. All visits must be pre-scheduled.

How much can TDCJ inmates spend on commissary?

Purchase and Deposit Eligibility:

January – March up to $70April – June up to $70July – September up to $70October – December up to $95 (Holiday Spend).

Do conjugal visits still exist?

Today, only four states—California, Connecticut, Washington, and New York—allow conjugal visits. (Mississippi, where Parchman is located, ended conjugal visitation in 2014.)

How many video visits do TDCJ inmates get?

Video Visitation

Inmates are allowed one 60-minute visit per month (in addition to contact/non-contact visitation). Video visitation must be registeredǁ A small tube of toothpaste ranges from $0.85 to $3.60. ǁ A packet of ramen ranges from $0.40 to $1.25. ǁ A bag of chips ranges from $0.45 to $2.00. through the Securus website and will cost $10.00 (where applicable).

How much is a pack of noodles in jail?

A small tube of toothpaste ranges from $0.85 to $3.60. ǁ A packet of ramen ranges from $0.40 to $1.25. ǁ A bag of chips ranges from $0.45 to $2.00.