Brazos County Jail Records

Do you find yourself needing to search for an inmate in Brazos County, Texas? Whether you’re concerned about a loved one’s well-being, verifying someone’s detainment, or sending correspondence, deciphering the world of jail records can seem overwhelming.

But fear not! This comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge and resources to navigate Brazos County jail records with ease.

Brazos County Jail Records

Why Search for Brazos County Jail Records?

There are multiple reasons why you might need to access these records:

  • Ensuring a loved one’s well-being: Knowing their location, bond status, and visitation procedures can provide comfort and clarity.
  • Verifying incarceration: Confirming someone’s detention status can be crucial for legal, personal, or financial reasons.
  • Sending mail or funds: Understanding delivery procedures and communication guidelines ensures proper connection.
  • Scheduling a visit: Familiarity with visitation rules and requirements facilitates a smooth visit.

Unlocking the Doors of Information:

Brazos County offers several avenues for searching jail records, each with its unique advantages:

1. Jail Search Website:

  • This official website, accessible at, allows you to search by name, booking number, or incarceration date.
  • It provides detailed information like booking photo, charges, bond amount, custody status, and even mugshots in some cases.
  • Benefits: Free, comprehensive information, official source.
  • Limitations: Requires some inmate details, may not include all information.

2. Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Website:

  • The Sheriff’s Office website ( offers an inmate roster with basic details like name, age, and gender.
  • Benefits: Publicly available, easy to access.
  • Limitations: Limited information, may not be updated frequently.

3. Third-Party Websites:

  • Several websites aggregate jail records from various sources, including Brazos County.
  • They often offer additional features like inmate search by location, charges, or release date.
  • Benefits: Convenient search options, sometimes include additional information.
  • Limitations: Information accuracy may vary, fees may apply.

4. Contacting the Brazos County Detention Center:

  • Call the facility directly at (979) 361-4800 for assistance.
  • Staff can confirm an inmate’s presence and provide basic information.
  • Benefits: Direct communication, potential for additional details.
  • Limitations: Wait times may occur, and information might be limited.
  • Brazos County Jail
    Brazos County Detention Center
    Address: 1835 Sandy Point Road, Bryan, TX 77807
    Phone: (979) 361-4800 (Jail), (979) 361-4801 (Bonds)

Jail Contact Information

Brazos County Detention Center(979) 361-4800 (available 24/7)
Commissary(979) 361-4857
Medical(979) 361-4839 (available 24/7)
Transports and CIT(979) 361-4884 (available 24/7)
Work Crew Sergeant(979) 361-4815
Bonds(979) 361-4800
Inmate Trust Fund (Money Orders)(979) 361-4808
Serve Time Coordinator(979) 361-4802
TDCJ Coordinator(979) 361-4803
24 Hour Non-Emergency Number(979) 361-4800 (available 24/7)


  • Accuracy is paramount. Double-check names, spellings, and any other identifying information for accurate results.
  • Respect privacy. While inmate information is public record, use it responsibly and ethically.
  • Seek official sources. When in doubt, rely on official websites or direct communication with the correctional center.

With this guide and the available resources, navigating Brazos County jail records becomes a streamlined process. Remember, accessing this information empowers you to stay informed and connected, regardless of your reason for searching.

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